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Oxjam Reading 2017

Wow what a fantastic event this year's Oxjam Reading takeover was. Seventy two bands across nine different venues. We were so thrilled to be playing our very first Oxjam and supporting such an incredible charity.

Find out more about what Oxfam does and how you can help them by following this link.

Performing at this years event was a special moment for me personally. Twelve months ago almost to the day, I played my first ever solo gig at the Sun Inn in Reading on my Birthday. I had only every played a couple of songs at open mic nights but never had I played a full set. Thankfully it went well and people started saying how much they liked my own songs. Fast forward then to now playing a full 40 minute set, all original songs, and as a band! I was so happy, it was great and wonderfully received by the audience.

Although we're not on spotify yet (we're working on it) you can listen to many of the acts who not only played this year but have also played previously, follow and listen.



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