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Inside our new EP

COLOURS&FIRES EP available now

Here it is, our debut EP, and I have to say, we are all very proud of what we have managed to achieve. So from Tom, Rich and myself a very heart warming thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of us on our musical journey. Special thanks also to John Mitchell from Outhouse Studios where the tracks were recorded, engineered and produced and to Oxford Duplication who printed the CDs for us.

The EP is currently available to stream, purchase online, or if you message us either on here or our facebook page you can purchase a phsyical CD which will be more than happy to sign for you on request.

So whats the EP all about and why did we release it when we did? Good question, at the start of this year I realised that I was heading towards a fairly major personal milestone and I wanted to do something very special to mark the occasion. It was my 50th birthday on 9th October and I was going to have an EP launch & party to celebrate. I wanted it to be an occasion to remember.

We already have quite a few original tracks in our repertoire and choosing which songs to record was going to be quite an interesting challenge. I have so many things that I say in the lyrics I write and I wanted to say the rights things to the people closest, yet also at the same time, furthest away from me. My songs come from the heart and the EP needed to do the same.

I hope you enjoy listening to our EP, please do let us know what you think and also keep an eye out on our facebook page for upcoming events.


Always in music & Love


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